Monday, July 19, 2010

M U S H R O O M mushroom

his is a type specimen book showcasing the typeface "filosophia" available at
. A type specimen is a publication in which a typeface is presented in detail showing the different weights and what fonts the typeface consists of. Instead of just listing an alphabet in different sizes, a type specimen publication
is more enticing to graphic designers and typographers because it shows how the typeface will look as a logo, a letterhead, or in extensive body copy, ect. Printers
and type foundries have issued type specimens since the invention of movable
to help sell their typefaces. A well known type specimen is William Caslon's (1692–1766) 1734 Specimen sheet. My type specimen publication revolves around the narrative of a young girl named Sophie and her pet magical mushroom, Umami.

William Caslon's (1692–1766) 1734 Specimen sheet

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