Sunday, January 17, 2010


i took the original pencil drawing, accented the lines with pen, and added color and texture in photoshop

graphite with water color washes
i wanted to keep it simple and not distract from the line work

skateboard design with a quote from h. h. the dalai lama

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

herbert bayer - universal typeface

or typography i created a poster displaying the subtle features of herbert bayer's universal typeface. herbert bayer attended the bauhaus school in germany. upon graduation, walter gropius the founder of the bauhaus appointed bayer to direct the new "druck und reklame" (print and advertising) workshop. all the printed materials, forms, posters, and publicity brochures needed for the bauhaus purposes were printed in the school's printing workshop on the basis of designs by herbert bayer or the students

bayer on 'simplified script' 1925

"...attempt at a simplified way of writing
1. this method of writing is recommended by all innovators of writing as the writing of the future.
2. by writing everything in lower case, our writing loses nothing but becomes more easily legible, learnable, considerably more economical.
3. why have two symbols for one sound such as A and a? why two alphabets for one word, why twice the number of symbols, if half the number accomplishes the same thing?"

october 1925, bayer instituted the lowercase alphabet as the style for all bauhaus printing. to accompany this he founded his universal typeface, a geometric sans-serif font.

the reason why i choose to type in all lowercase or incorporate all lowercase in my designs is based off the aesthetic style of herbert bayer.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

editorial illustration

these illustrations are meant to enrich a story or article such as those in newspapers, magazines, and books.

psychological portrait - the old man and the sea
graphite and acrylic on illustration board, photoshop

"the crow and the fox" - aesop's fables
ink on rice paper, additional color in photoshop

in the fable, a crow has found a piece of cheese and has retired to a branch to eat it, when a fox approaches. the fox, wanting the cheese for himself, flatters the crow, calling it beautiful and "the king of birds". finally the fox requests that the crow sing for him. its ego inflated by all the flattery, the crow begins to caw. when it opens its beak, the cheese falls and is devoured by the fox.

the moral of the fable is "beware of flatterers."

graphite on paper, digitally colored in photoshop

this is a humorous take on one of the seven deadly sins: gluttony. the godzilla-like cupcake is attacking a city and squeezing hearts into oblivion

influenced by ronald kurniawan

color and glass

the process and visual development of character designs

in a character design class, i developed five characters for alice's adventures in wonderland by lewis caroll: alice, the queen of hearts, the caterpillar, the mad hatter, and the chesire cat.

i have included sketches to show the progression of an idea into a final piece

alice as a flowery, puffball figure. the curvilinear lines soft shapes reflect her passive and delicate personality

the queen of hearts as a character based off a puffer fish with mechanical legs. the sharp points and triangular shapes of the character are to reflect a malicious and hostile quality.

the mad hatter as a dandy created from clock parts.

caterpillar as an old man

the chesire cat with a x-ray of a human jaw as its grin

Saturday, January 9, 2010

creating rhythm

these are installation pieces demonstrating how to create rhythm within a piece

typography: nature as a source

diagram showing the anatomy of a typeface

typography book: nature as a source
50 studies of typography investigating the relationships of hierarchy, scale, weight, color, position, negative space, and alignment

inspired by the grunge style of david carson

title page