Monday, July 19, 2010

M U S H R O O M mushroom

his is a type specimen book showcasing the typeface "filosophia" available at
. A type specimen is a publication in which a typeface is presented in detail showing the different weights and what fonts the typeface consists of. Instead of just listing an alphabet in different sizes, a type specimen publication
is more enticing to graphic designers and typographers because it shows how the typeface will look as a logo, a letterhead, or in extensive body copy, ect. Printers
and type foundries have issued type specimens since the invention of movable
to help sell their typefaces. A well known type specimen is William Caslon's (1692–1766) 1734 Specimen sheet. My type specimen publication revolves around the narrative of a young girl named Sophie and her pet magical mushroom, Umami.

William Caslon's (1692–1766) 1734 Specimen sheet

Saturday, July 17, 2010

R A Y B A N ad campaign

Proposed Ad Campaign for Ray-Ban
Emphasizing an artist working with Ray-Ban for their spring 2010 collection

Proposed Ad Campaign for Ray-Ban
Emphasizing lifestyle

Proposed Ad Campaign for Ray-Ban
Product-driven, emphasizing the new carbon fiber frames

Designs for Ray-Ban's Trade show Booth in an ad campaign emphasizing an artist working with Ray-Ban for their spring 2010 collection

Friday, July 16, 2010


A logo for the Deejays & Vinylphiles Club (DVC) at UCSD. This sassy group of electronic music enthusiasts are dedicated to training members in the arts of DeeJaying, mixing, music production, and promotion. Members are able to experience almost every level of the musical culture by participation in organizing events on campus. Let me tell you, they throw some epic parties.
Their main focus is, and will always be, the enjoyment of music.

Learn more at

M E Z Z A N I N E is boss

I created a logo for a very fantastic DJ and friend of mine James Mitchell, also known as DJ Mezzanine.

Learn more at

and because it's awesome, click here for a 10-min house mix

B U N N Y gunner

lassy. I want this truck. This fine vehicle can be found in Pomona, CA.